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Gil Toro IrizarryMeet Gil Toro Irizarry

Woodcraft Artist


I began keeping birds from a very early age. My first bird was a Parakeet. I left a window open one day, and he flew out [therein learning my first lesson as a bird owner]. Finches became a passion a few years later, then at the age of ten, I was introduced to the pigeon fancy. Pigeons opened up a whole new world of athletic birds used in flying competitions and the show ring. Keeping, breeding and flying pigeons was a wonderful experience, which I enjoyed off and on for the next twenty years.


In my late twenties, I was owner of my first business, “Junior’s Pet Center.” It was a full line pet store, which included the sale of birds, bird seed, and cages. I bought and sold Canaries, Finches, Parrots, and all the usual animals found in pet shops. It was there that I made friends with a customer, who introduced me to Canary and Finch breeding. He took me under his wing and taught me what I needed to know to be a successful breeder. Years later, I opened an aviary in Florida, which was my first breeding business for mostly Canaries and Lady Gouldian Finches. I also bought and sold other species of Finches. I bred mostly color-bred Canaries, appreciating the vast variety of colors available. I also bred Belgian Waterslager for their unique and beautiful song. It did not take long before I was forever hooked on Canaries and Finches.  Birds have been such a great joy in my life, that it would be hard to imagine a world without birds.


About Caribbean Bird Cage Company

Maker of Finely Crafted Wood and Wire Luxury Bird Cages

Gil Toro IrizarryI have always been attracted to old world style wood and wire canary bird cages. I once visited a breeder who had twenty or so of these cages. I asked him if he would be interested in selling one or two of them to me; he said no, he could not part with them, not even one. I totally understood how he felt, as they were hard to come by, after all. Nevertheless, I still wanted to own several of these cages badly. I continued to search and ask anyone who might know where I could find them, without success. Then one day it finally came to me. I decided to embark on a new venture, and I began to build my own wood and wire bird cages. I made improvements to the old world style cages, and created new models and designs. I quickly went to work to establish "Caribbean Bird Cage Company" Maker of Finely Crafted Wood and Wire Luxury Bird Cages. Hand made in America. Beauty and quality; the antique cages of the future.

I began building them out of pine, alder, and hemlock, then one day I asked myself, what can I do to be different? Domestic and exotic hardwoods was a big part of the answer. I also made in-shop base and crown mouldings, finished with several coats of hand rubbed, Tung Oil finish.


Materials Used

I select the finest woods available with special attention to the character of the natural wood grains and to the natural and unique design of each piece of lumber. Hardwoods: Walnut, Mahogany, Figured Maple, Sapele, Alder, Cherry, and Baltic Birch Plywood. I use 1/16 gauge wire made of high quality solid stainless steel. The hinges and latches are all made of brass and steel.



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Canary Breeds:  Timbrado; Belgium Waterslager; American Singer; Norwhich; Yorshire; Lizard; Gloster; BorderFancy; Colorbreds; Mosaic; Fife; Frill.


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(Hand Crafted unique designs Made in America  from Natural grain hardwoods; mahogany; maple; walnut, or cherry with solid stainless steel wire, brass hindges, knobs,  pull handles, and hand rubbed tung oil finishes.)





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Finch Breeds: Lady Gouldian; Fire Finch; Grass Finch; Cordon Bleu; Parrot Finch; Goldfinch; Red Siskins; Melba Finch; African Waxbill; Grenadier.

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